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Youth Resilience and Empowerment Coach

Having just ended a three-year relationship at the age of 20, I was feeling lost without any sense of direction. Confused and disconnected I allowed myself to be swept up by the party scene, believing I was doing what every other young person had done before me. Yet, while longing for purpose I fell further into uncertainty, and unintentionally lead myself into harms way. At the age of 21 I became a quadriplegic by way of a gunshot wound, sustained as a passenger in a vehicle with others who were targeted. Life started from ground zero with a multitude of struggles from the onset of my injury. Through this experience I developed a fortitude and skills for supporting myself and others through difficult life circumstances. I gained a passion for supporting youth and young adults transitioning into adulthood as that’s when I, like many others, needed guidance. Aligned with this passion I found meaning and purpose pursuing a career as a Youth Resilience Coach and became certified through the Youth Coaching Institute in 2021!

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Leah B Rose: About Me
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I grew up in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area of BC, Canada. As a child I was a TOTAL (what some would call) "tomboy" - A rambunctious social butterfly. I swam and played soccer competitively and moved into hiking and long distance running the year prior to my accident in 2011.

As a teen I could be "difficult". I shocked my parents and became a "girly girl" overnight, got sassy, fell behind in school, and even got suspended TWICE!!

However, I knew I could do better... So I willingly went to summer school and switched high schools for one year. By taking proper initiative I graduated on-time and with honors!!


From 15 until the age of 20 I was in two long-term relationships, back-to-back. I became single at the age of 20, a year before sustaining my spinal cord injury.

No longer was I under my parents roof, nor did I have the influence of a boyfriend. In one moment I felt complete freedom and in another I felt lost and confused. I had no clear sense of direction. I got swept up in the party scene which eventually led to sustaining my spinal cord injury. In an instant I lost all the independence I had gained in my 21 years on the planet.

I spent one year between the hospital and physiotherapy rehabilitation center, a life I had no preparation for, but forced me to heal spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

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With the help of a medical team, family, friends and mentors I have been able to get through some of my toughest days. I've learned many difficult lessons in my 10 years living with a spinal cord injury. BUT!!... I have also learned that humans are highly adaptable and when provided with the right tools they can empower their lives, become resilient and succeed through adversity.

Today, you can find me out in nature, studying random things, hanging out with my cats or catching a show on Netflix. I still love my social life but focus my time on what I love and what matters to me - Coaching!

Thankfully, I have still found a way to stay active and use an arm ergometer, FES bike, and wrist weights to stay physically and mentally fit!

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Leah B Rose: Welcome
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